With the White Paper on ‘Planning for the Future’ currently out for consultation, there is an opportunity to seize the moment to provide some valuable feedback that might inform the impact that any future changes to the planning system will have on the role of the planner within local government. Whilst many applaud the ambition to streamline processes and bring increased efficiencies to speed up the delivery of housing, particularly through digitising the planning process, the proposed changes to plan-making, to site allocations and to design coding will have a significant impact on capacity and resources.

  • Will these changes fast track poor development with little opportunity to scrutinise design quality, just after the new NPPF and the recent BBBBC report have highlighted the need to ensure quality, not just quantity, of housing?
  • Will communities feel disempowered by these changes that potentially reduce the opportunities for them to shape the future of their neighbourhoods?
  • Will a three-tier system of land identification create clarity or confusion?
  • Are design codes the answer to the ‘building beautiful’ conundrum?
  • What impact will these reforms have on areas such as Kent experiencing high pressure for growth but with extensive green belt, sensitive landscapes and designated sites that require protection?
  • What impact will they have on resourcing, roles and departments within planning?

Join Design South East in a roundtable discussion to share thoughts and opinions on the proposed reforms with others working across Kent.

The roundtable will be chaired by Design South East Director, Chris Lamb, and will use the Chatham House rule.

Time: 09:15 – 11:00
Date: Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Venue: Zoom roundtable – online only!

By invitation only to partner and key partner members of Kent Design
Our roundtables have a limited number of places and are therefore by invitation only.  If you would like to request an invitation please email kentdesign@designsoutheast.org

Online platform
We will be using Zoom as the online conferencing platform.  We understand there are a small number of members who are unable to access Zoom through their work systems. We hope you will be able to join us using a personal computer, smart phone or tablet.