Building at Density: what does good look like?

With a growing demand for homes and jobs within the restricted city boundaries of Brighton and Hove there are pressures to increase residential densities. But with poor examples from the late twentieth century still blighting some neighbourhoods, many have grown wary of higher density development.

Using examples from around the UK our speakers will demonstrate different approaches to designing at density, drawing on the experiences of designers, clients and other local authorities. This city charrette will explore how the homes and business spaces the city needs can be delivered, while maintaining the qualities that make it such a special place. From the busy centre and grand seafront, to back streets and more sedate suburbs, wide ranging conditions exist across a relatively compact area. Therefore, integrating new development at higher densities is a complex issue where no singular approach can be applied. We will explore the complexities surrounding these issues, followed by tabled discussions based around the following themes:

  • What types of densification would work where?
  • How can well integrated development deliver wider benefits to the city?
  • How can we work together pro-actively to plan for increased densities?
  • How can we provide certainty for developers that by following clear guidelines they can achieve planning approvals, and reassurance for residents that change need not threaten the unique character of Brighton and Hove?


Chris Bearman, Allies & Morrison
Claire Bennie
, Municipal
Richard Wilson, Camden Council
Robert Sakula, Ash Sakula
Daniel May, First Base

This event is sponsored by: The Hyde Group and First Base

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