Implementing local design review arrangements through Design South East

“Local planning authorities should have local design review arrangements in place to provide assessment and support to ensure high standards of design… In assessing applications local planning authorities should have regard to the recommendations from the design review panel.”– National Planning Policy Framework

We work in partnership with local planning authorities to develop an effective solution to Paragraph 62 of the NPPF. Our local branches of the Panel provide the same quality and consistency of review as the Design South East Panel, but ground the expertise in a local area. Once developed, Design South East manages the local design review panel. Applicants are charged for design review, usually as part of our local authority partner’s pre-application process.  Design review is therefore cost neutral for the local planning authority. A number of panels have been developed over the years in the South East, covering 10 local planning authorities:


For more information about the regional panels, select one of the following:

1. Berkshire Panel

2. Coastal West Sussex Panel

3. Lodge Hill Panel

4Swale Panel

5. Ashford Panel