BBC Radio Kent2

Design South East Director Chris Lamb has been interviewed on the BBC Radio Kent Breakfast Show about the future Ebbsfleet Garden City and proposals for a Paramount theme park on the Swanscombe peninsula. Chris told listeners that a focus on design would be key to ensuring that such large developments can co-exist successfully, and called on planners to consider how to deliver development on such a scale while sustaining a sense of place. He also spoke of the opportunities for north Kent in terms of employment, and improved infrastructure and public transport.

Design South East, through our Kent Design initiative, will be hosting a conference on the 21st Century Garden City at Ebbsfleet on 24 October. The conference, which runs from 9.00am to 12.30pm, brings together leading national and regional design and planning professionals, politicians and the public to discuss one of Europe’s most important urban design and planning projects. And, looking beyond Ebbsfleet, the conference will also consider how and whether garden cities are an appropriate response to Britain’s housing crisis. More details here.

You can listen to Chris’s interview here.  The interview starts at 1:33:12.