Design South East has been selected by the London Borough of Sutton to set up and manage their design review panel, a sign of the Borough’s commitment to achieving high-quality design. Like so many Outer London areas, Sutton is under significant pressure to provide new homes. This development pressure needs to be balanced against the Borough’s unique existing character to ensure the quality and vitality of its town and district centres as well as the suburban heartlands. The aspiration to meet housing targets provides opportunities to enhance employment, business, retail, culture and leisure opportunities for existing and future residents of the Borough.

Much of the Panel’s focus will be on reviewing schemes coming forward in Sutton town centre and other urban areas, although the Borough’s suburban heartlands are also poised to see significant development of small sites. A key involvement of the Sutton Design Review Panel will be in reviewing proposals for the London Cancer Hub, a new neighbourhood around the existing Royal Marsden Hospital, the Institute of Cancer Research and the now vacant Sutton Hospital site.

A dedicated panel of experts will be getting to understand the qualities, challenges and aspirations for the Borough and will draw on their knowledge, experience and expertise to provide consistent, independent advice to the council and developers and design teams.

Gillian Horn – Chair (Architecture, Housing)

Dieter Kleiner – Vice-Chair (Architecture, Regeneration)

Graeme Sutherland (Architecture, Public Realm)

Wendy Bishop (Architecture, Sustainability)

Kyle Buchanan (Architecture, Housing)

Magali Thomson (Architecture, Education)

Yemi Aladerun (Architecture, Housing)

Vinesh Pomal (Architecture, Housing)

Una Daly (Architecture, Historic Environment)

Gary Allen(Civil and Structural Engineering, Property Development)

June Barnes (Housing, Property Development)

Sarah Stevens (Planning, Regeneration)

Glen Macfarlane (Landscape Architecture, Public Realm)

Katy Neaves (Townscape consultant, Landscape Architecture)

Oli Davey (Transport Planning, Public Realm)

Adam Towle (Regeneration, Urban Design)

Neha Tayal (Urban Design, Regeneration)

Vinita Dhume (Urban Design, Regeneration)

Philip Gray (Sustainability, Building Services Engineering)