Design South East has been appointed  to manage the DesignPLACE review panel for Brighton and Hove City Council for up to four more years.  Our original contract with Brighton began in 2016 after years of work in the city.  At its heart is the DesignPLACE panel which reviews all major developments in the city. Since 2016 we have carried out 48 reviews in the city improving the quality of some of the most significant new developments in the city. However, the relationship has gone well beyond Design Review with our city charrettes attracting dozens of stakeholders to discuss the future of the city, training for councillors and officers and workshops for public realm and estate regeneration projects.  Most recently design surgeries have provided advice on smaller schemes and acted as vital officer training. We will continue to expand our range of design advice services for the council.

The new contract will begin with a complete refresh of the Brighton and Hove Panel to increase diversity and local connections while retaining the high calibre of expertise the city has enjoyed so far. Brighton and Hove needs to achieve growth and satisfy housing demand within tightly constrained city boundaries. The challenge of densification while maintaining quality and preserving character will be at the heart of our work in Brighton.