As the nation sweltered in the heatwave, the demand for Design South East was hotter than ever and we have expanded our staff team to cope with the extra work.

Our expert panel members were applying the sunscreen as we sent them out into the blazing sun for more site visits than ever. We undertook 40% more design reviews in the first quarter of 2018/19 than the same period last year.  That growth shows no signs of cooling down. Surrey and Berkshire witnessed the biggest growth in demand.

Head of Design Advice, David Tittle says, “The renewed emphasis on design quality from MHCLG has prompted a number of local authorities to consider taking a more systematic approach to design review.  They are looking at how neighbouring authorities are benefiting from consistently using design review and realising they can get first-class design advice at no cost to themselves and, by using DSE, minimal administrative hassle.”

In addition, DSE has been invited to undertake major contracts in Suffolk, Surrey and Kent, in part thanks to MHCLG’s Planning Delivery Fund.  These involve design guidance, design surgeries, design advice on key projects, training and new local panels.

With demand continuing DSE has expanded its staff team with two new Design Advisors joining us and a new administrator helping to keep the office ticking over efficiently.

Our local authority guide to Design Review explains how councils can make the most of this service.  You can download it here. To discuss how to benefit from DSE services contact David Tittle or call 01634 401166 and request a call back.



Image: Bigstock.