Kingston Council has set up a Citizens’ Panel to help create new design guidance for the Kingston town centre area in response to feedback from communities on the Local Plan last summer. We are delighted to have been invited to facilitate three workshops with the new panel.

The panel has been selected so that it is demographically representative of the borough, bringing together a diverse range of citizens to discuss and understand the issues and to help to set the standards for new developments that are coming forward across the borough.

The Mayor of London and central government have imposed housing targets of 964 homes per year on the borough. There is a statutory requirement for Kingston to meet this target. Affordability, quality of homes and respect for the character and heritage of the area are key concerns for local people. The panel will come together in the workshops to help create a community-led vision and design guidance for their neighbourhood.

The inaugural workshop was an exciting gathering of diverse voices and there was a tangible buzz of excitement, so we look forward to re-grouping for the next session.

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