Culture-led Placemaking in Margate and a future vision for Creative Thanet

After years of challenge, Margate has become the envy of seaside resorts around the country, not only for its flagship place-making projects but also for the vibrancy of its fast-growing cultural sector.

This event celebrates the learning from almost 10 years of culture-led placemaking in Margate, with a focus on the legacy of the innovative Margate Arts Creativity Heritage partnership programme, and with a view to the future of economic and cultural development across Thanet.

Drawing on the findings of a major survey of the creative industries, it will examine the impact of public investment to date in culture/creative sector, using the town’s rich heritage and historic built environment as inspiration and resource. Critical to the success of this cross-cultural approach has been the response of artists and cultural organisations – we will hear their experience first hand.

The event will appeal to developers, local authorities and the creative sector contemplating the future of their places and communities. There is a great deal to learn from looking back at what has been achieved in Margate, at the same time as considering what more can be achieved in Thanet by exploring the creative intersection between arts and heritage, and what needs to be done to sustain both.

By the end of the conference you will have:

• Reflected on the successes and challenges of the Margate Arts Creativity Heritage programme (MACH)
• Examined different approaches to use heritage as a resource for creative inspiration, enterprise and sector growth
• Understood the value of small-scale investment alongside flagship projects
• Considered the case for sustained investment in the cultural sector and key funding opportunities
• Learned about the new aspirations of the sector across Thanet and the big ideas to follow
• How the creative sector can improve the quality of new places as part of Thanet’s growth agenda

Keynote speakers:

Tom Fleming, Director, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy
Tom led the development of the Creative Margate 10 Year Cultural Strategy 2009-2019

Alison Brooks, Founder and Principal, Alison Brooks Architects
Since establishing ABA in 1996 her work has attracted international acclaim for its conceptual rigour, sculptural quality and ingenious detailing.


Victoria Pomery OBE, Director, Turner Contemporary
Dr Andy Brown, Planning and Conservation Director, Historic England South East
Hedley Swain, Area Director, South East Arts Council England

MACH case studies, powered by Pecha Kucha:
Blushing Pavilion presented by Sam Causer
Bridges y Puentes presented by Anna Symes
CRATE, presenter Nick Dermott
Margate’s Stepped Revetment presented by Chris Tipping
Resort Studios / Recreate presented by Dan Chilcott
Souvenirs of Cliftonville presented by Sadie Hennessy

This conference will take place on 1st February, 1.30 – 7.30pm at Turner Contemporary, Margate

Tickets are free and can be booked online here: MACH Conference
Please note that places are limited for this event, book soon to avoid disappointment.