Getting the strategic framework for a new development right at the outset is fundamental to ensuring the health and wellbeing of communities and to long-term quality of life through the way that connected, high-quality new neighbourhoods are planned and created.

This is certainly important in the case of a development of 10,000 new homes. Our new Quality Review Panel for Hemel Garden Communities (HGC) is harnessing the multi-disciplinary expertise of the panel to embed quality of place and quality of life as a driver of the strategic frameworks for the growth of the town. We have recently carried out multi-stakeholder workshops to review the Framework Plan and Transport Plan that will underpin the masterplanning process.

As critical friends to the HGC team and stakeholders, our independent advice provides the reassurance of impartiality and objectivity but with the interests of new and existing communities of Hemel Hempstead at heart. The embedded relationship of the panel with the HGC team enables us to challenge thinking and provide helpful suggestions to improve outcomes and ensure the quality of the life for those who live and work there.

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