With area-wide design codes set to become a statutory requirement, local authorities are recognising a need for specialist support with the process of design coding.    

We have been delivering design codes training to cross-departmental working groups at local authorities across the South East region, helping officers from different teams and directorates to recognise the value of good design in enabling them to meet their various objectives through the development and application of design codes.  

Acting as an independent advisor, our design codes support can help to define the brief for a design code, working with officers to understand the local authority’s priorities before procuring a consultant to deliver the design code.   

We are supporting and empowering communities to shape new developments in their own neighbourhoods through co-production of the vision that underpins the design coding process.  

From our expert network, we draw on the guidance of the best thinkers and specialists in this field, helping all stakeholders to achieve popular, healthy and sustainable new places or to regenerate existing towns, restoring pride in the places where people live by helping to define what is ‘provably popular’ development.   

Thanks to you all for the excellent [design code] training workshop yesterday! Officers have been commenting on how much they enjoyed it. 

Principal Planning Officer 


If you could benefit from our design code support, please contact helen@designsoutheast.org and request a meeting to discuss possibilities.