Together, through the planning process, we must create good quality new homes and neighbourhoods that support a high quality of life for all. The National Model Design Code (NMDC) is designed just for that purpose, and engagement with local communities sits at the heart of it. The NMDC’s aim is to ensure successful placemaking by delivering ‘locally popular’ places. This requires a form of engagement that is a long way from the traditional tick-box-type consultation exercise with which many of us may be more familiar.  

Our Kent Design Masterclass – Engaging Communities in Design Coding – will explore tools and techniques that can be utilised to bring communities into the design coding process. We will be joined by Laura Alvarez (Nottingham City Council) and Angela Koch (Imagine Places), who will share their extensive experience of engaging with communities to achieve successful outcomes. Through interactive exercises, participants will gain hands-on experience of effective engagement methods to achieve successful outcomes. 

Key details:

Date: Friday 22nd October 2021
Time: 9.30am – 1pm (Login opens from 9:15am)
Format: Interactive online via Zoom

Kent Design members and non-members: To book places please use the link above for more information.

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