We are looking for a consultant to develop our marketing and communications strategy and to plan and deliver a programme of associated business development actions and activities.

There is a budget available of up to £30,000 for this 12-month contract. The appointed consultant will have access to a separate, additional, budget for the costs of venues, catering, design and production and will work with the staff team at Design South East.

Driven and highly motivated, you will have the aptitude, knowledge and skills to support the development of Design South East. You do not need to be a built environment professional, but you must understand the sector and the issues associated with the built environment; You must also  be able to work alongside our team and to engage productively with our design panel. Experience of working in the areas of research, marketing or communications would be beneficial.

We are open to approaches from individuals, groups of consultants and organisations. We are also open to secondments from other organisations.

The deadline for submissions is 12.00 on 15 October 2018.

For a copy of the brief please email eleanor@designsoutheast.org. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the contract, please contact Chris Lamb on 01634 401166 or by email chris@designsoutheast.org.