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Kat Scott

As Sustainability & Regenerative Design Manager, Kat develops strategies and conducts research in light of dRMM’s ‘Architects Declare a Climate and Bio-diversity Emergency’ commitments, as well as working on Passivhaus and Net Zero carbon building design implementation. Kat is passionate about mitigating the impacts of construction on the wider environment, and advocates for decarbonisation of the industry. Kat is a Steering Group Member for Architects Declare UK, has coordinated the Circular Economy workstream at the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) and has also been a coordinator at ACAN, focusing on biodiversity and ecological issues. Kat is a member of the GLA’s Young Professionals Panel for Infrastructure, with a particular focus on climate resilience and decarbonisation, and she recently participated in the UKGBC’s Whole Life Net Zero Carbon Roadmap task group on Infrastructure and Materials.