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Maggie Baddeley

Margaret is a freelance planning consultant and chartered surveyor.

Previously planning director at Lichfields, she ran the company’s planning policy and law service. She specialises in monitoring, reporting and commenting on implications of emerging Government policy and planning legislation, guidance and advice, both for clients and in-house.

She assists with complex project-related issues and also prepares consultation responses, made to relevant Government Departments or to Parliamentary Committees in regard to clients varied interests. She is vice-chair of the Planning Committee of the British Property Federation (BPF) and often takes part in discussions regarding emerging law and policy particularly with Communities and Local Government (CLG) and No. 10, on the BPF’s behalf and for Lichfields. Most recently, she has been advising on the Housing and Planning Act’s Bills brownfield registers and permission in principle.

Margaret has extensive experience of working on a variety of different development projects, with proposals throughout the UK being taken through all steps in the development management process, including pre-application and appeal, and post-approval and implementation stages. She also has considerable expertise in the development planning process, at all stages including neighbourhood level, in the preparation of representations on emerging plan policies on behalf of a range of clients with diverse development interests.

In her spare time, Maggie is an architectural tour guide in London – for Open-City and for a German architectural practice based in Hamburg.