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Brighton & Hove DesignPLACE Panel

Design South East – Brighton & Hove DesignPLACE Panel

Brighton & Hove City Council is facing a major challenge to accommodate growth without compromising the city’s unique quality and character.

To help the city address this challenge, we deliver independent design reviews for the council as part of the pre-application process, together with parallel programme events to promote the design conversation in the city.

The service is available on all pre-application submissions for all schemes in the city. Major schemes are reviewed through half or full day sessions with a full panel and non-majors are reviewed as part of a design surgery. Depending on their size and complexity, smaller major schemes may also be reviewed at a design surgery.
Clear, consistent advice is delivered by a diverse, 27 strong multidisciplinary expert panel recruited through an open, transparent process.

Panel chair:

Panel members:

Panel Manager

For more information and to discuss how we can help

Please contact the council by clicking here or by calling 01273 292352.

You can also find a copy of our guide to design review here.

More information on the service can be also be found on the council’s website.

Design South East is happy to provide background information on the service for applicants and will manage the review once the review or surgery has been agreed by the council.

In addition to design review, Design South East facilitates workshops to support the development of the council’s design policies and masterplans, delivers a programme of officer and member training through briefings, workshops and study tours and promotes stakeholder and community dialogue though an annual city charrette.