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Chris Lamb

BA, Dip Arch MSc FRSA


Chris joined Design South East as its Director in 2008 having developed and managed the Architecture Centre for the Hull and the Humber. Prior to that he founded a digital media company specialising in the development of online 3d worlds for the built environment and arts sectors. In parallel Chris taught undergraduate and post-graduate architecture at a number of universities in the UK and Europe and jointly led an architecture unit at the University of Greenwich. Before that, he practiced as an architect for a number of years working on culture, education and housing projects.

Chris studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining his BA in Architecture and then for his Diploma in Architecture he joined the Bartlett School of Architecture. After some years in practice, Chris gained a masters degree in Architecture from the University of East London where he researched and developed rule based approaches to the generation of urban form.

A passionate advocate for value of good design, Chris is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, a member of the Academy of Urbanism and a member of The Architecture Club.