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Kieran Toms

Design Advisor

Kieran joined Design South East in July 2019 from the social enterprise Create Streets where he worked with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and community groups to help them positively influence the built environment through urban design, strategy and advocacy; and undertook a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research on the built environment in relation to wellbeing, happiness, popularity and value.

He previously worked for Hounslow Council on policy, strategy and implementation around transport planning, public realm and cycle infrastructure. Prior to that he worked for Copenhagenize Design Consultancy in Copenhagen, specialising in bicycle culture, urban policy, and communications, making the case worldwide for cycling.

Kieran serves on the steering committee of the Academy of Urbanism’s Young Urbanist organisation.

He has a master’s degree in Urban Studies, jointly awarded by Universities in Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen and Madrid, which involved living and studying in each of these cities over 2 years.