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Former Pantiles Garden Centre, Lyne, Runnymede

Design South East – Former Pantiles Garden Centre, Lyne, Runnymede

Design Surgery and Design Review recommendations supported the development of an award-winning extension to a traditional Surrey village on a brownfield site. 


A brownfield site washed over by green belt was formerly in use as a garden centre. The eastern part of the site was allocated for 20 dwellings in Runnymede’s SHLAA. Design South East appraised a scheme occupying the eastern part of the site in a design surgery, recommending release of adjacent green belt land to improve the development potential. An enlarged extension was reviewed at a full design review meeting and at a follow-up review. Meaningful engagement gained buy-in from the local community. RBC’s Planning Committee unanimously resolved to grant planning permission in December 2019. The scheme won a ‘Project Award’ at the Housing Design Awards 2020. 

Key facts

  • Site Location: former Pantiles Garden Centre, Lyne, Runnymede
  • Architect: John Pardey Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Spacehub Landscape Design
  • Developer: Goldcrest Land PLC
  • Local Authority: Runnymede Borough Council
  • Schedule of Accommodation: 60 dwellings
  • Tenure Mix: 50% Affordable, 50% Private
  • Site Size: 3.9 hectares

Image © John Pardey Architects