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Design South East – Facilitation


Supporting the development of strategies, policies and projects by providing enabling expertise and facilitating co-production.

We provide an injection of expertise early in the process to promote and foster creative thinking and solutions. Working with stakeholder groups of all sizes we listen to many voices and facilitate dialogue between stakeholders to enable commitment to shared visions, goals and principles.

Design workshops; providing focused expertise and brokering agreement on design principles

We facilitate workshops to engage stakeholders in the development of design solutions to city-wide issues.

On key development sites, which often involve multiple landowners, local authorities and stakeholders, we facilitate workshops in order to generate dialogue, foster collaboration and enable the development of shared principles to guide design development.

Planning charettes

We facilitate stakeholder and community engagement in the development of planning principles for settlements and major developments. Involving 10-50 participants, our charrettes last from one day to a full week and involve community stakeholders. We are trusted to be impartial and to broker genuine consensus.

Place visioning

We help residents and stakeholders work together to develop a road map for the future of their neigbourhoods, towns and cities.


Developing new policies or design guidance in collaboration with the intended end user builds commitment from the outset, ensures efficiency of process and creates greater relevance and value. Delivered through workshops of 20-100 people, our facilitation drives the development of shared approaches and brokers dialogue across sectors and disciplines on key issues.

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