We are delighted to have welcomed a renewed and refreshed network of some 150 specialists to our panel induction evening in October, following selection from almost 300 applicants. We showcased a best practice process of recruitment to ensure openness and transparency as well as a selection process that ensured diversity of panel members to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve through our work.

Our network of experts supports our work in advising and guiding local authorities and their stakeholders – communities, developers, landowners, designers, consultants and others – to deliver places that support quality and equality of life. It is a privilege to work alongside so many of the leading practitioners and innovators in the field who bring such wide-ranging knowledge of best practice, underpinning our drive to support the creation of sustainable places that enhance health and wellbeing through design quality across London and the wider South East region.

We welcome a number of newly-appointed panel Chairs:

Alex Wraight, Partner, Allies and Morrison
Alison Brooks, Founder and Creative Director, Alison Brooks Architects
Geoff Shearcroft, Director, AOC Architecture Ltd
Hana Loftus, Co-Director, HAT Projects Ltd
Paula Hirst, Director, Disruptive Urbanism
Sarah Wigglesworth, Director, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Soraya Khan, Director, Theis and Khan Architects

We look forward to working with all of our Chairs and expert panel members over the coming months and years. We would also like to thank those practitioners who have worked with us and our local authority partners so loyally and collaboratively for so many years but have not been selected as part of our expert network this time round.


Panel Chair images:
Ben Blossom Photography / DesignCurial / FX / AOC Architecture / Disruptive Urbanism / HAT Projects / Allies & Morrison / Theis + Khan Architects