With area-wide design codes set to become a statutory requirement, local authorities are recognising the need for specialist support with the process of design coding. Design Codes are a key part of the Government’s Planning Reform agenda to drive up design standards in new development.

We offer affordable, tailored consultancy that brings best practice and learnings from first-hand experience of the National Model Design Code pilots to officers looking to take this agenda forwards. From our expert network, we draw on the guidance of the best thinkers and specialists in this field who bring their practical experience of the design coding process.

So how could we help you?

Design codes training

We deliver design codes training to cross-departmental working groups within local authorities. This helps officers from different teams and directorates to understand the value of design codes – and of good design – in enabling them to deliver on their various objectives and agendas, and gathers baseline data to inform the design coding process.

Design code strategy

Acting as a critical friend, we develop design code strategies for area-wide design codes. We work with officers to understand different approaches to design coding in relation to the local authority’s priorities, to enable the development of the design code in-house (or to support the procurement of a specialist consultant).

Design code visioning

Through engagement workshops, we support and empower local communities to shape and co-produce the vision that underpins the design coding process. This helps to ensure that new developments deliver what are ‘provably popular’, healthy and sustainable new places.

Design code review

We act as a critical friend to help you to be an effective client for consultants carrying out the preparation and delivery of the design code. We have extensive experience of guiding authorities to ensure they secure the most practical and user-friendly design codes to positively shape developments in their area.

“Thanks to you all for the excellent [design code] training workshop yesterday! Officers have been commenting on how much they enjoyed it.”
Principal  Planning Officer

Find out more

If you could benefit from our design code support, please contact helen@designsoutheast.org and request a meeting to discuss how we might shape our support to fit your particular needs. All our services are tailored to the particular circumstances of the client.