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Andrew Kavanagh

Andrew is an Associate and Senior Urban Designer at HTA with over 15 years of experience in architecture and urban design. He joined the practice in 2013 and has spent the last decade leading a wide variety of urban design and masterplanning projects. These have ranged from bids and feasibility studies through to the production of Spatial Planning Frameworks and Outline / Hybrid Planning Submissions in urban, suburban, and rural contexts.

Over the years Andrew has developed a particular specialist interest in the complex work of Estate Regeneration going onto design and develop several successful schemes. Regeneration schemes are always incredibly complex with intricate overlaps between the macro and micro scale. To date Andrew has designed and secured planning on over 10,000 new homes in regeneration schemes including the Aylesbury Estate (Southwark), Winstanley & York Road (Wandsworth) and Joyce & Snell’s Estate (Enfield).

With a background in Architecture, Andrew decided to specialise in his passion and undertook a Masters Degree in Urban Design at Oxford Brookes. Since then he has over 15 years experience in the field of Urban Design and is very familiar with the planning system, relevant policies and the bigger picture of the design process. Andrew is well placed to give strategic and constructive advice to others on their design journey – particularly within the spheres of masterplanning and housing – sharing his experience and skills in a positive and nurturing manner to help produce great designs and great places.

As a passionate Urban Designer, Andrew has always been driven to deliver fantastic places and finds it humbling to work on projects that deliver such transformative change to people’s lives. He strives to make every place the best possible place it can be, driven to ensure we create places, not spaces.