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Gabriel Warshafsky

Gabriel is an architect and educator with a commitment to socially engaged design practice. He grew up in East Sussex, and has previously practised in Toronto and Berlin.

As Director of Projects at Jan Kattein Architects, he has worked with communities around London and southeast England to bring forward stakeholder-led regeneration for high streets, town centres and housing estates for over 10 years. Gabriel promotes inclusive creative dialogue as an integral part of the design process across scales, from furniture and artwork installations via game-changing meanwhile projects to long-term masterplanning and policy. His work Jan Kattein Architects has been recognised by the Civic Trust’s Pro Tem Award, the NLA’s Community Prize and the RIBAJ’s MacEwen Award.

He also teaches interdisciplinary design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and is a founding associate of STORE C.I.C., an organisation which aims to broaden access to creative careers through educational projects. Across his career, Gabriel has worked to unlock the potential of design, development and construction processes to educate and enrich throughout their realisation, and not just in their completed results.