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Lianne Baker-Brook

Lianne is a Transport Planner with over 9 years’ experience in Development Planning and Active Travel. Lianne is currently supporting Transport for West Midlands on a part time basis by offering technical support to the Cycling and Walking Development team.

Lianne is part of the PJA Academy and delivers the ‘Designing for Active Travel – Infrastructure Design’ course which looks at identifying, assessing, and designing infrastructure with a particular focus on developing practical solutions to constrained locations. She has been part of the team to assist Active Travel England in the development of their toolkits to assess both public sector corridor schemes and planning applications for development.

Lianne works regularly to support clients to progress schemes through local plan promotion, planning application, S106 negotiations and where necessary, appeal. Is experienced in preparing Access Appraisals, Scoping Reports, Transport Assessments and Travel Plans to accompany planning applications for a variety of schemes, including residential, commercial, mixed-use and retail developments.