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Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie is an Associate Professor in Energy and Buildings and the School of Engineering Director of Recruitment at the University of Southampton.

She teaches Building Physics and Statistics on MSc courses; and is a Design Tutor on Civil Engineering Undergraduate courses.

Her research projects include infrastructure systems and health, social care interventions, low carbon technologies uptake and trials in district heating networks.

Stephanie is part of international research groups to the International Energy Agency, Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (Annex 66, 69 and 79). In March 2021, she was appointed expert evaluator and member of Horizon Europe Evaluation Panel for CINEA, assessing medium to large grant applications on energy demand and supply networks and districts.

Prior to academia, Stephanie worked in industry as an architect and project manager within multidisciplinary teams. She collaborated on building and infrastructure projects in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.